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Success is a start, phase 1, leverage

Use it to talk about what matters to you, with the people who do.

Congratulations on your success

Now comes the rewarding work of engaging your true identity.

Your success is not your identity. It's a clue about your identity. Your success is just an expression of how you've shown up in one area. The awesome part of you is deeper, richer, constantly refilling, and resides with God.

It's time for the truest, deepest part of you to show up everywhere.

I'll help you create expressions of your best @work, @home, or @your heart.



Okay, Pete, let's talk about this stuff together.


@work (brand)

Whatever you're doing with your days is, by definition, what you're doing with your life. If you can't explain to yourself, your employees, or your customers why giving a portion of one's life to your brand is a good idea, your brand is inherently underperforming, and so are you.

I can help you fix that for your company or any other team you're leading.


pete brand
Partial List of Clients Served
Groupon logo GM logo Lilly logo Cisco logo Salesforce logo Angie's List logo Ameritas logo Lessonly logo Powerade logo Bloomerang logo JCI logo Knights of Columbus logo Valve + Meter logo Envisage logo Sg2 logo Dow logo PTTG logo SEP logo Sports Corp logo Beyond Housing logo
amy baker
Pete is a fantastic individual, not just professionally but in ever fiber of his life. Whether inspired by his books, watching him work creative magic with my clients or being a highly satisfied client myself, I've always been impressed by Pete's thoughtful, engaging approach to life and work.
Amy Baker
Managing Partner at SPRY
john sawyer
Pete uncovers the truth about your brand and tells a compelling story about it. He is one of the most authentic people I know. There's no pretense or posing. He's the real deal. His work will earn the trust of your audience because it will speak their language, go right to the heart of the issues they care about, and not sound like advertising.
John Sawyer
CEO at Clear Bible, Inc.
greg baugues
Pete is more than just a brilliant strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability to identify the gifts, talents, and desires of your heart – to hold them up and say "Is this what you want?" – and then to translate that into concrete strategic action, allowing you to unapologetically pursue the purpose for which you were created.
Greg Baugues
Developer Relations at Twilio

@home (family)

I create private memoirs and other legacy expressions for prominent families. The names and work samples are highly confidential, but the objective is always to help people make better sense of their "first name experiences" within their "last name contexts." 

This work requires a prayerful focus on identity beyond the trappings (and traps) of success.

Private & Published Book Samples


How to Wear a Wig Cover 2 Nolan Brown Cover GRACE-cover1 jesus-cover1 My Beautiful Idol Cover 2 Learning My Name Cover 2 Jesus Snacks Cover 2

@heart (Passion)

I help people with capacity create passion platforms that add value to their brand, their families, and to their own embrace of life in the world. For an example of a CEO platform that created very real business value for one company, check out Max Yoder's Do Better Work website and book.

My own platform, rooted in a passion for personal outlier stories, is growing at

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Step 1


A Worthy Plan

Identity is a forever project. We'll start with your objectives based on what you've already accomplished.



The Jesus Stuff

Most success is merely soul-deep. We'll crack open spirit and the keys to your true identity.



Creative Products

Your identity expressed for your business, family, or mission, and the rest of your life's efforts.